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Site Overview

Site Images & Site Logo

Site Logo size is 225 px width x 100 px tall. To change the site logo - on the left menu go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Header Logo. Click on Change Image and upload the new logo.

Site images need to compressed before uploading to the site. After you get the images the dimensions you want, go to and compress your images. Once compressed download and upload to the site via the MEDIA section in the menu to the left.

ATTENTION: Unless you are using a full width image like on the Pricing page, your images need to be smaller in dimensions. example 1020px 500 or 600x300. You don't have to use these sizes this is just an example. What you do not want is images over 1500 px. If you want to get an idea of good image sizes go to the Media section and click on images then look to the right and see the image size.

If you do need a image resizer my favorite online editor:

Text Editor

Adding A Serparator

Adding Photos

Creating New Pages

Adding Matterport Videos

Click on the HTML Module and paste in the iframe code from Matterport. If the video is to big/small reset your video size in the iframe code.

Adding Rows

You will add rows before you start building a brand new page.

Adding Headers

Adding Videos

Adding A Map